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B2C High Net Worth Individuals Mailing Lists

High Net Worth Individuals Email List

List Count for High Net Worth Individuals Database – 2,440,244

So you think you are ready to connect with the millionaires? Make the right start with our High Net Worth Individuals Email List

The term high-net-worth individuals or HNIs/HNWIs refers to individuals and families who have high liquid assets and is obviously qualified for specializes services in finance, marketing, investments and more. Though it is acceptable to address a person with over $1 million as an HNI, banks and financial institutions may have their own classifications. As of 2015, there were more than 13 million HNIs globally, most of them residing in the United States.

For marketers therefore with products and services that would interest HNIs, a smart approach to connecting with them would be through the use of a verified and up-to-date email list of High Net Worth Individuals – simply because a list will help them with data that would otherwise be time consuming and costly to acquire. At Contact Consumers we offer our clients the customized High Net Worth Individual database as a means for directly targeting the affluent section of the society for delivering your marketing message. As is accepted, HNWIs are demanding individuals who require special services and are unwilling to compromise on their needs and requirements. What you need to do is therefore be systematic and creative in taking your marketing messages to them – not a cliché email blast but one that is personalized and directed at an individual who has the interest and money to convert into a customer. With our HNI email marketing addresses we create for our clients the opportunity to stand out and bring their brand and services into the limelight without compromising on sender reputation and brand value. So buy Affluent Households email addresses now and take the first step towards planned communications in the B2C market.

Some Major Segments Covered in High Networth Individuals Database:

  • Affluent Mailing Lists
  • List Of High Net Worth Individuals
  • Affluent Marketing List
  • High Net Worth Individuals Database
  • Affluent Households Email List
  • Affluent Consumer Leads
  • High Net Worth Individuals Directory
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How Segmentation for our US & UK High Net Worth Individual Mailing Database benefits business

There's little doubt that acquiring a mailing list of Affluent Households is surely going to make your task easier – but before procuring a list, make sure it offers what you require. At Contact Consumers it has been our USP that we have been able to support client marketing campaigns with data that is customized and directed at their campaigning needs. Our US High Net Worth Individuals email database accordingly is developed in close consultation, having a thorough understanding of client requirements. Since HNWIs are busy individuals, we recommend being targeted in campaigns and reaching the right people at the right time. So if you want to achieve steady response from prospective consumers make the right start today!

Our HNWI database and email addresses are therefore an invaluable asset for luxury product marketers. Some of the popular B2C data that our High Net Worth Individual directory offers include:

  • Data on million dollar Home-owners and property owners in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia etc.
  • Company CEOs, Chairman, Partners etc. and other top professionals
  • Philanthropists and charity donors
  • Family details on HNWIs for promoting international schools and private education
  • Exotic and luxury travelers
  • Luxury automobile/car owners
  • Luxury and collector's item owners like jewelry, painting, yacht etc.

Therefore for marketers of luxury products and services, we create the ultimate opportunity to be able to identify the right kind of masses before chalking out their marketing mix. Reach us at Contact Consumers with your needs and let us help you to campaign to your niche in a planned and systematic manner with our High Net Worth Individuals email addresses.


Finding solutions to campaign challenges with the Affluent Households Mailing Addresses

So if you want to know where the wealth of the world resides and how to tap the wealthy in the world, then you will require our High Net Worth Individuals mailing lists. We have been serving the B2C market for years and have the expertise to help you with data that you require to prosper. Our High Net Worth Individuals emailing list is comprehensive with data like: Name, Email id, Postal address, Contact number, Social Media profiles, Income, Dwelling type, Marital Status, Purchase behavior, and much more Data diversity and exhaustiveness in the mailing list of High Net Worth Individuals has accordingly helped in:

  • Better campaign reach using verified business data with the Affluent Households contact list
  • Improved campaign structure, by being able to connect with consumers who have the interest and need to invest in your offering
  • Higher campaign deliverables and ROI, guaranteed by the fact that your marketing messages are reaching targeted end users
  • Lesser marketing costs, facilitated by the fact that the email addresses of High Net Worth Individuals are customized to fit specific budget and business requirements
  • And more

So make your move now and start exploring opportunities with our High Net Worth Individuals email address list!


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