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Frequent Queries

What is the time frame for your appending services?

Depending upon the quality and counts of your in-house list, our appending can be as short as 24 hrs or can take 1 week.

What are the common append rates that you achieve?

Our appending rates for Contact Consumers is around 65- 70%.

What is the guarantee of the addresses you append?

The email addresses are appended by matching it with our master list which is verified and updated every 90 days through phone and emails.

Does the list has all the contact details?

Yes, each list comes with the following contain details: postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers along with the contact person's name and other selects.

Are you aware of CAN-SPAM Law, 2003?

Yes. We here at Contact Consumers strictly abide by CAN-SPAM Law and other Data Protection Laws. All our lists and appending services are permission-based and we never encourage unsolicited email marketing.

How do you compile the consumers lists?

Our Consumer Lists are complied from authentic sources like Public Directories, Customer Subscriptions, Newsletter subscriptions, Events, Seminars, partner directories etc.

How detailed will be my email campaign report?

Contact Consumers assists you in the every aspect of email campaigns from execution to report generation. The email campaign report consists of open and click rates, bounce rates and failure delivery, which webpage got maximum number of visits, which message got the maximum response and from which age group, and many more.

Do I need to have prior knowledge of HTML to run a campaign?

No. Contact Consumers' email campaign services are simple to understand and implement. It does not require any technical expertise. We will assist you in every aspect of email campaigning and ensure that you gain maximum qualified business and leads and high ROI.

I have heard a lot about your Reseller program. Can you tell me what is it all about?

Contact Consumer reseller program helps you to sell our Consumer Lists through your platform and gain high commissions. We have a variety of consumers lists based on states, age group and household income.Your clients can use these lists and reach their target audiences. Any purchase made by them through your platform will gain you commissions. To learn more check out our Reseller Program.