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Charity Donors Email Lists

Charity Donors Mailing List

List Count of Charity Donors - 8,841,294

Our pricing for the Charity Donors Email List is based on the below pricing schedule. Please fill the form for a sample list and to know if there are any offers that you might be eligible for.

Number of Contacts Cost per Contact
1 - 100,000 Contacts $0.40/contact
100,001 - 250,000 Contacts $0.30/contact
250,001+ Contacts $0.20/contact

Contact Consumers Philanthropist Email Addresses allows you to reach individuals who regularly donate their money and resources to children’s charities, wildlife charities, education charities, environmental causes, etc. With our Charity Donors Email List, you can successfully connect with these philanthropists who have made donations to causes children’s causes, religious causes, international aid, and other organizations. We gather data from trusted and reliable sources such as government records, yellow pages, surveys, conferences and seminars, business cards, etc. The data is then tele verified and through email to check for errors and incorrect data before compiling it into our Masterfile.

We believe that connecting with prospective donors is essential for non-profit organizations and our List of Charities Email Addresses is available for email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns, social media ads for your organization’s next fundraising efforts. With our permission-based contact data, we guarantee your marketing messages will reach the right philanthropist inboxes. You no longer have to worry about spam or email bounce and return emails. Our Philanthropist Email List is highly deliverable and adheres to the CAN spam act. If you want to achieve increased marketing ROI, then it's best if you buy email lists and use them for all your marketing endeavors.

Get Customized List of Philanthropist Email Addresses to Achieve Better Fundraising Success

With our Rich People Emails, you can launch your entire campaign at the lowest of costs. You can work with our data experts to create the perfect Charity Donors Email List for your organization as per your business requirement. With our donor list, we guarantee you will achieve better fundraising success. We also identify and add information about those individuals who are more likely to donate to a particular non-profit. Our team of database marketing specialists understands the needs of non-profit marketers and will guide you to select the most responsive charitable mailing lists.

With US Philanthropist Email List, you can reach out to donors in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and many other countries. You can also run marketing campaigns to prospects in these countries and increase your customer base and explore business opportunities to grow your business revenue. All our targeted email lists include contact information such as name, email and postal address, phone and fax number, city, state, country, SIC code, etc. We also assure you all our data is verified and updated regularly to give you accurate email lists for your campaigns. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then buy the Charity Donors Email List today!


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