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Data Appending

Incomplete and invalid details of prospective customers affect your marketing plans. Whether it is a missing email id or a wrong phone number, rectifying them is easier with Contact Consumer's Data Appending service. Your List can become your most powerful marketing tool with our appending service. This includes updating existing lists with precise records and adding the missing data.

How does Contact Consumer append your list?

A comprehensive Appending process is in place to deliver maximum success rate in appending the lists: Some of the Appending processes offered by Contact Consumer are:

Email Appending

A prospect's email address is the most genuine lead for any product/service based company. One of the most common challenges faced by marketing professionals of companies is to get genuine email addresses. Contact Consumer adds updated and opt-in email addresses to your List.

Phone Appending

One of the most common marketing methods used by Marketing professionals is Telemarketing. Telemarketing belongs to the traditional school of marketing and still continues to draw customer's and convince prospects to subscribe for the product/service. Contact Consumer helps you reach prospects on phone with updated phone numbers added to your List.

Fax Appending

Fax is the most convenient way of reaching out to the prospects. This is backed with the fact that marketing with Fax communication tool does not have to go through Spam filters of the Internet nor will it be affected by the direct mail glitches. Contact Consumer adds value to your List by adding updated fax numbers to your List.

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